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Wee Rascal Imprints: FAQs

How To Order

1.  Choose Your Silver Fingerprint Jewellery
Simply take your time to browse through our silver fingerprint jewellery collections, and choose and pay for the items you would like to order.   At this stage, you only need to decide whether you would like a handprint, footprint, fingerprint or pawprint added to the charm. If you would like something special made that you don't see on our website, please do get in touch and we will be delighted to help.

2.  Impression Kit
We will  send out your impression kit within 48 hours of receiving your online order.  An 'Order Confirmation' form will be included with the kit, which will allow you to provide us with full details of personalisation of your order.  Here you can tell us which names, or other detail you would like on your item of jewellery.

The Fingerprint Impression Kit contains two little pots of a special, non-toxic moulding compound with enough for you to take 2 impressions of each fingerprint.  If you need more compound you can order another kit from our website.  

For hand and footprint impressions, we will send you a special kit consisting of an easy to use, inkless wipe which you sweep across your baby's hand or foot, before pressing it onto the special imprint paper also provided.  Then watch as the print magically appears.  These kits are regularly used in maternity units to take the hand and foot impressions of newborn babies and are 100% non-toxic.  

Then, just pop your imprints back to us in the Freepost envelope provided,  or scan the imprint paper and email it back to us. The prints will then be transferred to your silver jewellery to create a unique keepsake.

Important Note - Fingerprints/Handprints of Babies:
The fingerprints of babies and young children are not as well developed as those of an adult, so may not show the finer detail of fingerprint swirls.  For babies under 6 months of age, we usually recommend you opt for a hand or foot print rather than a fingerprint.  And for babies under 12 months, it is often a good idea to use their thumb to make the impression

3.  Your Jewellery will be Crafted
Your Silver Fingerprint Jewellery will be lovingly hand-crafted and posted to you within 14 days of you returning your imprint kit.*

*At busy times such as Christmas etc, this time may extend.  Please check with us if you require the jewellery for a specific date

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