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About Us: A Wee Rascal Tale

Hello!  I’m Liz Melville – the face behind Wee Rascal Imprints. Let me tell you a little more about me.

Wee Rascal Imprints came into being soon after the birth of my beautiful son in 2011.   I wanted to give his doting Dad a very special 1st Father’s Day present that he could treasure forever, and began searching for ideas for something that would be a lasting keepsake of our little son.

That is how I discovered the world of silver fingerprint jewellery. I fell in love with the idea of capturing our son’s tiny hand and footprints in pure silver, as a permanent keepsake of his early months and milestones.  It was something so personal and special - and could be kept close, instead of leaving it on display at home.  

But I was curious – how could baby handprints and footprints actually be set in pure silver?
After undergoing tuition on the art of using precious metal clay, I was even more in love with silver fingerprint jewellery, and the idea of making it for others began to form.   But not only for children – being the doting ‘mother’ of a big, soft Labrador, I was also excited about putting pet pawprints into the silver too!

And so I decided to go into business, to help make beautiful items of silver fingerprint jewellery that others could treasure too.  The name of the business?   Well, I only had to take one look at my little son and my beloved dog to decide on that!   And so Wee Rascal Imprints was born.

Since then, I have lovingly created a range of simple, but beautiful, silver charms and jewellery which capture the handprints, footprints, fingerprints, artwork and pawprints of your own ‘wee rascal’.   Sadly, I have also worked with the parents of babies who were stillborn, or who died early, and have been touched by just how important the jewellery is in creating a lasting memory of each child.   I now also work with special charities to help raise money in support of such families, from the sale of Wee Rascal Imprint jewellery.

Whatever your reason for visiting Wee Rascal Imprints, I can assure you of my personal attention and care at all times.   I hope that you will love the jewellery just as much as I do making it.   

Wee Rascal Imprints - Making First Impressions Last


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